Pubblicata il 04/12/2016

Referendum - Today we vote, polling stations are open from 7 to 23. You decide the fate of Italy and the Renzi government. The summary


Referendum: Today in Italy we vote. Polling stations open from 7 o' clock to 23 o' clock throughout Italy. Voting is the common and 61551 polling 7998 amounted to 46,714,950 voters, of which 22,465,280 men and 24,249,670 women. The vote count will start on the same day today, immediately after the close of voting at 23. You decide the fate of Italy. If he wins the Si, you should abolish the equal bicameralism, suppress the Cnel, reduce the cost of politics and reduce the competence between state and regions. Simply put the Italians would have little democracy and decide the whole state and the sovereign power of the people would be deleted. If the No wins, it's a great opportunity to change Italy and send home Renzi that you are buying in all ways the votes to approve the reform, because he fears defeat. If he won the No, the intention is to return to elections after five years in which democracy and the sovereign power of the people, have come to rest because of Heads of State and a number of non-right sequences in our Parliament. In short, for those who will vote No, especially the elderly and young people and the people of the South, it will be a vote against the government Renzi, for those who will vote It will be a vote to change Italy, but also make it worse somehow, because citizens would lose their rights, will not be able to elect members of Parliament and our Parliament would become immune from wiretaps and investigations. We do not push to vote No or Yes, we collect and filter all the speeches heard on TV, in these words. Happy voting everyone :)


Written by: Maurizio Savigni