Pubblicata il 03/12/2016

Weather in December - First decade mild and variable, then winter comes with some icy cold waves until the end of the month


Weather December: anticyclones and indecisive polar vortex and the fragmentation point, they're driving me crazy all mathematical models. We give news of what the models are certain: until December 10, except some scattered rains in Sicily and Sardinia, mild and variable weather throughout Italy, then the first jolts of winter. Towards the middle of the month, the anticloni will move Atlatico and sailed up the Western Europe, leaving exposed Italy and the whole of the European center-south, to raids and icy cold from Russia and Scandinavia. Will not rule out a wave of particularly intense and raw species frost by 20. Then until later this month, the raids continue freezing, interspersed with small comebacks anticyclonic maximum a day. The snow will fall and where? Well, for sure the North perhaps even in the plain, in the hills or even low hill in the center and on Sardinia, Mountain shares to the south. We will keep you updated also on the output of the short trend for January and February.


Written by: Maurizio Savigni