Pubblicata il 03/12/2016

Premier League - Chelsea - Manchester City ends 3 to 1. Count increasingly in the head with the blues


Premier League: Manchester played a fantastic match to alien rhythms. The first time with the many occasions of Manchester City who can finish it in the lead with the own goal by Cahill. Many occasions of Hazard, Fernandinho and Aguero. Prime Time: Chelsea 0 City 1. The second half opened on the Shi'a of the first with some flare-ups of Manchester City by Pep Guardiola who are, however, were well defended by the Earl of Chelsea just started shooting, went on par with Diego Costa . Minutes pass and the City attacks, but not concrete in port. The Chelsea counterattack on fire to 70 ° with the newly entered Willian and took the lead on the 2 to 1. monstrous Final with Chelsea that comes and hits the 3 to 1 with the Hazard network and a fight with Fernandinho expulsions and Aguero. Antonio Conte and the blues of the first ever Premier League. Soon at 16.15, there will be in Liga El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid.


Written by: Maurizio Savigni