Pubblicata il 03/12/2016

The dam of Coghinas turns 90. Celebrations to Oschiri to 90 ° years after its erection


Oschiri: the Coghinas River dam turns 90 years after its erection. Celebrations for this important birthday. The dam was finished on December 20, 1926 and was linked to hydroelectric Coghinas Central, wanted by the Sardinian Electric Company to supply the factory of Ammonia companies, of synthetic ammonia factory. The dam is 58 meters high and 85 long, also producece energy with a Francis turbine to the power of 22 megawatts vertical axis, on which depends the existence of the lake Coghinas, with 240milioni cubic meters of capacity and an area of 1740 square kilometers .


Written by: Maurizio Savigni