Pubblicata il 07/12/2016

Samsung - Galaxy S8 will not have the headphone jack and the home button. Secure usb-c as the iPhone. All news


Samsung: after the critical failure of the sales of the Galaxy Note 7 due to the explosion of the batteries, the South Korean company wants to rebuild in the smartphone market. No waiting for the Galaxy S8, whose debut is scheduled in Barcelona, in March at the Mobile World Congress. The news that leaked are few, but reliable. It seems that the Galaxy S8, will undergo major changes. He will disappear as the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and will be replaced with the cordless headphones; will mount a double 20-megapixel camera, also will disappear the home button replaced with a fingerprint sensor, and finally will be equipped with USB-c connection such as the iPhone. In short, a phone that Samsung will try to regain the trust of customers lost with the Galaxy Note 7 explosions.


Written by: Maurizio Savigni