Pubblicata il 03/12/2016

Referendum - Tomorrow we vote. Cast holds out the No, but is recovered. The decisive votes of the undecided.


Referendum: December 4 tomorrow we vote to approve the constitutional reform concerning "provisions for exceeding the equal bicameralism, reducing the number of MPs, the containment of operating costs of the institutions, the suppression of the CNEL, the revision of Title V of part II of the Constitution ". At least as stated in the question of the ballot paper. Prevails as the No vote in the polls, but the One is in recovery, and secure the vote of many undecided will be decisive. But we speak more directly of the referendum. In Italy, referendums are not always served the realization of what they asked for, even with their approval, for example, in Sardinia a few years ago, you voted for the removal of Abbanoa, the refusal to deposit radioactive waste and much more, that at the despite the end he voted to suppress Abbanoa and reject the dross, this is of no avail. As in fact there is always Abbanoa and waste are carrying the same, maybe this is one of many reasons why the population is undecided or does not go directly to the vote. Among the people interviewed, talking about unclear referendum, explained wrong and unclear reasons for voting yes or no. To the front of the NO prevail reasons to vote against the government Renzi, not elected by the people as from Democrats, but by the President of the Republic. A prime minister who does not meet both Italians, especially young people and the population of the South. I convinced Yes, say that the victory of it, would mean a radical change for Italy and that the NO would be a mess. Of course, if you really would have to reduce the costs of the parliamentary and policy would be a great gesture, but not to make the parliamentary immunity, reduce the responsibility of the regions with special status species and another. And if you abolish the Cnel, the savings would be EUR 9 million, but remember that the presidential plane they were spent 20 times as much, ie 180 million. We at Channel 48 Web TV are not depressing to vote no, but rather reporting what politicians tell on TV. Tomorrow is December 4, you VOTE, and we hope a change to please everyone, with the victory of the Yes or No. Then from December 5, the water will probably calm down and we'll see what will happen. Good vote to all Italians


Written by: Maurizio Savigni