Pubblicata il 05/12/2016

Politics - The NO wins to 59.11% in the referendum. Renzi resigns to the Capitol


Politics: a completed ballots, the NO wins at 59.11% and boccia in fact the constitutional reform proposed by Renzi. Renzi is now expected at the Capitol to formalize his resignation as Prime Minister, who announced last night at 00:25 on live TV. It opens a new story in Italian politics. After 5 years of Prime Ministers and Heads of State who are elected among themselves, Italians will return to the polls. The region in which the No's landslide victory is Sardinia with an average percentage of 72.11%. The province with more No is to Cagliari with 75% and the city that said no more of all was Iglesias with 77%. In the area of ​​municipalities of Gallura, Temple won the No with 67%, with 60% in Calangianus, Luras with 65%, in Olbia with 71%, in Santa Teresa di Gallura with 67%. Aggius only municipality in which he won the Si with 50.24% of the votes. Today resigns Renzi. What will happen next? Elections? We hope to You, yesterday won the No, he won a people, won a democracy, won Italy.


Written by: Maurizio Savigni