Pubblicata il 18/01/2017

News48 The Europe that all we had dreamed not THERE MORE '.


Politicians who arrabattano ranging, that is, with great waste of energy and breath in useless speeches, endless. Citizens are tired, stressed, illuisi by promises never kept, and more and more 'intrusive taxes. Enough! Brexit! seems the most 'urgent, the news' ever to come out of a nightmare, from a Europe that MUCH AND TAKES NOTHING TO'.

L 'only problem of our governicchio RENZILONI and' welcome or rather the invasion! Yes, this is all about, jadisti ranging and venghono freely criminals to thousands, who peddle and rob, criminals of all kinds who rape and snatch with angry residents who are fed more ', law enforcement and inadequate institutions the face of such violence or to inability 'of a state ABSENT AND FORGIVING; THE LAW THAT MAKES A TWO-LANE 'NOTHING IN FRONT OF SEIZED! but, one was bold, generous and timely when it comes to saving BANKS AND FRIENDS in trouble 'with money CITIZENS. BREXIT! ... Then becomes: DELIVERANCE FROM AN 'ABSENT EUROPE, PATHETIC AND USELESS, ENEMY OF CITIZENS, (she calls populists), A' EUROPE THAT SHOULD SHAME FOR HOW IS FOR HOW WE ARE REDUCED FOR CLAIMS senseless, DENIED FOR AID TO pOOR PEOPLE, FOR A FUTURE THAT tHERE '.