Pubblicata il 30/07/2017

Formula1 - After a race at CardioPalm, in Budapest wins Ferrari with a double. Vettel and Raikkonen in front of Bottas. Alonso astonishes everyone and makes the fastest lap  


Formula 1 - After a race at the knee-high, in Budapest gets the win with a double Ferrari. First Vettel, according to Raikkonen and third Bottas. Quarto Hamilton. Despite a mechanical problem at Vettel's steering wheel, which made him recover from the Mercedes, an amazing Raikkonen defended Ferrari's dominance on the circuit, coming to victory. A fact that stunned everyone is that Alonso with a McLaren fouled by problems from the beginning of the year, made the fastest lap of the race. Formula 1 is now back in 3 weeks. Vettel to the boa race, is first in the rider standings


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