Pubblicata il 17/11/2016

Codrongianos - The President of the Council, Matteo Renzi, opens Europe's largest energy hub


Codrongianos: Today the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, has opened an energy hub in the central Terna. The energy hub Terna, in the small town of Sassari, is the largest and most efficient in Europe and to some aspects of the world. This site, has an ultra-battery system containing a maximum of 7 megawatts of energy that is immaganizzata in periods where there is abundant request, and is released during periods when there is a greater demand in the market. This energy produced from 100% in Sardinia, is composed by 43% from renewable sources in recent years, they have met in big development. This energy storage system, is connected to the national grid, and then the energy is exported. There are two major pipelines that carry electrical energy in our Peninsula. One passes through Corsica to Tuscany, the other goes directly into the Lazio. But how did you come to these results? The CEO of Terna, Matteo Del Fante, recalled in an interview rilasciataci today, that the company invests especially in Sardinia and stressed the investment figure already spending and what will be done. It has already been spent 800 million Euros in works to increase efficiency and improve the electricity network, and another 200 million will be spent this year. The money spent will go to improve the Sardinian energy stability in the environment. In the coming years will be reinforced energy networks of southern Sardinia and power poles will be created to Tempio, Buddusò and Santa Teresa di Gallura. President Renzi, has spent a few words, stressing economic recovery Sardinian and what you can and must do. Also present was the President of Sardinia Region: Francesco Pigliaru. All in all it was a fairly short visit; after Premier went away and the demonstration ended.


Written by: Maurizio Savigni