Pubblicata il 22/01/2018

Carrasciali timpiesu 2018 - 17 days at Carnival, preparations are underway. Here is the 6-day program and the main news


Carrasciali Timpiesu 2018 - Preparations are underway for the organization of the 6 days of the Fano Carnival. In the hangars the works are tightened to prepare the allegorical wagons that will participate. The chariots and their respective groups are: Adam Kadmon and the ancient Temple: Carnival Passion; The comedy of art: Grupppo Folk; Ius soli Apaches: La Cionfra 44; Maleficent, the eternal spell: The Tribe; Plastic World: La Burrula Aggjesa; Checkmate to the King: Those of Karnevale; Up to one thread: New Group; Mother W: The Old Guard; Welcome to the Jungle: Tue Crazy Carnival. Wagons and guest groups: Revenue Agency tax nightmare: Spontaneous Committee Vìgnola; Eternai Playboy: B-Team Badesi; Life is like unfilm: the Carrascialai Trinitaiesi Committee. It starts on Friday 2 February: at 7.30 pm at the Teatro del Carmine there will be a press conference for the presentation of the Farnese Carnival 2018. At 21.00 always at the Teatro del Carmine: "Mancu mali ... carrasciali" Carnival variety show with Mayor, dancers , Assessors, singers, Presidents, entrepreneurs and the inevitable Carrascialai Timpiesi. Organized by the Carrasciali Association and the 1973 Class. Admission € 10.00. Saturday 3 February at 11.00 pm at the Cinema Teatro Giordo: "Tributo a Peppino" (Musical evening in honor of one of the great protagonists of the history of Carrasciali Timpiesu). Saturday 10 February: at 11.00 am at the Sala Comunale there will be a twinning between the Carrasciali Timpiesu and the Carnival of Sartene in Corsica. Thursday 7 February: opening parade, 3.00 pm: Il Gallo Frisgiola presents his Majesty King George's Town, his Court and the Ambassadors, the Grand Parade of allegorical floats, preceded by the historical-musical re-enactment of the Carrasciali Timpiesu of the body of dance of Carrascialine and masks of the ancient Gallura tradition. As every year, Canale 48 Web TV will take care of the direct shows on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday. For the remaining news we will hear in the next news.

Written by Maurizio Savigni