Pubblicata il 07/12/2016

Breaking News - Approved the budget law, Renzi announces the formal resignation to the Quirinal at 19 o' clock


Breaking news: the Senate approved with 166 yes, 70 no and one abstained the budget law. The Premier Renzi immediately after, announced on Twitter that at 19.00, will be the Quirinal to submit his formal resignation along with his entire government. Then what will happen? And quite uncertain and democracy stalled, because the President of the Republic Mattarella seems willing to elect a President of the Council alone, while Renzi asks to go to a vote and let Italians decide. Italians who do not vote for several years and the maximum powers of the Italian State, have been an exchange of favors and a Pd game. So date tonight on television, to follow the announced formal resignation of Premier Renzi and his entire government


Written by: Maurizio Savigni